People of Gujarat reposed faith in Modis leadership, Modis reformist agenda, Gujarats Vikas model and rejected congress partys divisive politics,  appeasement politics, dynasty politics and politics of non performance.

Elections mandate proves that people approve Modis reforms such as Demonetisation, GST,  DBT etc. 

This election proves that Modis charisma is so powerful that it can break the so called anti-incumbency of 22 years of BJP rule in Gujarat.

Rahul Gandhi loses once again and proved to be an NPA (Non Performing Asset). Not only the bank loans which were given by Congress party goernment became NPAs but also the leader that Congress party declared as its president also became NPA. NPAs are usually written off. Congress should decide if it does so. 

Rahul Gandhi thinks that politics is like Bollywood where he can come just before elections, read out few scripted dialogues, make a drama and then go on vacation after elections.

Before each major election Rahul Gandhi is repackaged and relaunched time and again just like Telugu serials where the content is just the same. Just the cutout may differ. People of Gujarat very well understood this. 

Congress which is geting defeated throughout the country would have no chance  to pick up in Telangana. Hence the next saffron wave is expected to sweep in Karnataka and then in Telangana. Lets work hard and smart and get ready for it.